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Care Management for YOU.

Collaborative, holistic, and efficient care coordination BY families FOR families of medically complex kids.

Are you the caregiver for a medically complex loved one? We know what it's like to fight to complete forms, interface with providers, and try to get everyone to talk to one another. 


Our caregiver-led team of people uses a holistic approach to optimize your loved one's care, save you time and energy, and frees you up to be the parent again.

Child in Air Yoga

What Do We Do?

We aim to change what you are capable of by making sure that your family gets what it needs: efficient, collaborative, and smart care for your loved one.

Simplify Your Lives

Digitization of all of your records, supplies, providers; scheduling; technology to help you not just them.

Education of Providers

Allow us to share with providers and institutions how to simplify and treat families like ours better and more effectively.

Full Care Team Meetings

The Agency brings together your loved one's full care team--physicians, therapists, home health teams--to make sure everyone is all on the same page.

Resource Directory

We know so much of your job is choosing the right provider or the right organization without any frame of reference. Learn who others like us would choose.

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